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At HUNTER, quality starts with the purchase of the raw materials, is continued during the workmanship and ends with the presentation of the products. As always, customer satisfaction and the wellbeing of dogs and cats is at the heart of our endeavors. We put a great deal of diligence and care into the manufacture of each individual product.

Creativity and service are at the centre of the daily activities in our company. In addition, we do our utmost to combine quality with an attractive design, high functionality and maximum safety.

« This quality is a visible sign of respect, love and responsibility towards animals. »
Nadine Trautwein - Managing director HUNTER


Our love for detail, our craftsmanship and our enthusiasm for uncompromising quality form part of our long tradition and are incomparable. Since the company started in 1980 we have purposely focused on genuine hand-made products, and a large number of HUNTER items have been produced at our factory in Bielefeld.


Safety in the car
Here at HUNTER proper safety precautions while driving with dogs is taken very seriously.

Our car safety harnesses BODYGUARD and EASY COMFORT secure optimum safety for you and your dog.

Safety thanks to visibility
Dusk or darkness, rain or fog: people and their dogs are out in every weather. When walking, jogging or power walking with their dog, owners should not only remember leash and treats but also think about safety. Even small reflector strips on clothing, collar or the leash can be very effective. Of course, Hunter offers a wide range of products on the subject of « safety thanks to visibility » – because we at Hunter really care about the safety of people and their four-legged friends.


Nearly all collars, harnesses and leashes from our extensive range have a double lining of soft cow nappa leather and are therefore extremely gentle to the coat. Areas that are particularly subject to wear and tear are reinforced on the inside with synthetic and textile bands to increase resilience without impairing the softness.

Products with linings have D-rings elaborately sewn between the upper and lower material, providing a special advantage in the smooth inside surface. Comfort and quality without compromise – that is what HUNTER stands for.